Greenhouses for Huilloq Secondary School & Village

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Materials required to build a greenhouse.

Location Cusco, Cusco Region, Peru

The World Expeditions Foundation has been involved with the community of Huilloq for a number of years since we helped to fund the completion of a fifth classroom at the local secondary school, accommodating up to 76 students. The next project that WEF will assist the Huilloq community with is the construction of two polytunnels. A polytunnel, also known as a greenhouse is a tunnel made of polyethylene making it able to handle high winds, dramatic temperature changes and most importantly a high UV count. The warm environment inside the polytunnel will allow the Huilloq community to grow vegetables that are usually difficult to grow in the harsh climate and altitude of the village. This would also allow them to plant sweet and hot peppers, both a really important part of their diets.

Once the polytunnels are built and vegetable planted the students at Huilloq Secondary School will not only benefit from the more varied diet provided by the garden but they will also tend to the garden as part of their curriculum to gain important agricultural knowledge and skills.

Purchase of equipment and supplies for the construction of the greenhouse, such as polyethylene.

This specific project is taking place in September 2015, however if you'd like to arrange a private group community project at this school (there must be more than two people) please email [email protected]

What To Bring

Pens, notepads, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, educational games.

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