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Helping Children, Community Development, Education, Health, Women and Girls
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

A little more than half of a student's schooling funds - transportation, supplies, and enrollment.

Stopping Exploitation Before it Begins

It's no secret that human trafficking, child prostitution, and sexual exploitation are global issues that demand a response. Like us, you've doubtless heard the statistics, felt the outrage, and burned with the desire to do something to bring justice and freedom to those who are exploited and oppressed.

Many organizations focus on rescue and rehabilitation. Here at The SOLD Project, we focus on prevention to help ensure that children are never exploited to begin with.

Over time, SOLD has identified key factors that place a child at risk—like poverty, lack of education, and the absence of positive role models—and has developed a holistic prevention model to address those risk factors. We call it The Freedom Project.

The Freedom Project is focused in northern Thailand and based out of our Resource Center, where we offer educational scholarships to children who couldn't otherwise afford to stay in school. And every weekday, our local Thai staff provides after-school programs, classes, mentorship, and other tools our kids need to succeed in life and avoid the path to exploitation.

By partnering with and investing in local communities, we're helping these kids break the cycle of poverty and achieve things they'd never previously dared to dream. It's incredible to see the hope within them begin to emerge.
Stand 4 Freedom
The Freedom Project and all the resources it provides to our scholarship students, their families, and the community, is funded by donors to our Stand 4 Freedom campaign.
Freedom Sponsors commit to give $4/week to “Stand 4 Freedom,” and 100 percent of their donation helps provide sustainable funding for SOLD’s prevention programs. To most people, $16/month is a couple lattes or a movie in 3D, but to children like Malee, it makes all the difference in the world. With time, financial support, and encouragement, we are confident that students like Malee can escape exploitation and achieve their dreams. 

$16/mo. 100% goes toward prevention:
- Thai staff, mentors & tutors
- After-school Program
- Educational (& recreational) supplies & equipment
- Computers & software
- Human Trafficking Awareness
- Parent meetings, birthday parties & community events
- Workshops & field trips
- Resource Center operation, utilities & maintenence
- Scholarship Program admin
- Home visits, more...

To provide sustainable funding for The Freedom Project, we need approximately $32/month for every scholarship student in our program.

Our Stand4Freedom campaign requires about two sponsors of $4 a week to send one child to school. This means that USD$5 is around half the cost of a child's schooling fees for the week. This includes more than simply sending the child to school, but also the funding of our prevention programs to keep our students out of the sex industry.

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