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An implantable lens which will restore sight

Rose Charities Cambodia is a registered Cambodian charitable organization which runs Cambodia’s foremost sight center for the poor.

Operating since 1998, services include sight restoring eye surgery, blindness prevention procedures, medical and surgical treatment of acute eye disease and optometric / refraction (glasses) services.

The center has around 12000 consultations per year, and carries out between 1200 and 1500 operations, most of them sight restoring and free or at very low cost for the poor.

Although a local Cambodian run and managed organization, The Rose Cambodia Sight Center is closely supported by Rose Charities New Zealand, Canada, USA and has strong informal links to the Lumbini Eye Hospital, Nepal (one of the worlds foremost consultative centers of excellence). Visiting experts pay regular visits from these and other centers.

Rose Charities Cambodia is widely known throughout all of Cambodia.  People of all ages and walks of life, travel from all over Cambodia to use its services. Visit for more information.

An implantable lens to restore sight, surgical materials, a pair of glasses, support for a village screening visit, training materials, assistance with basic clinic running costs

Visitors should first phone Dr Hang Vra 012 940 312. The Clinic is very busy so visit should not be too long (say half an hour) and on an observation basis. Please be careful with the high sterility areas (ie operating rooms) and observe the regulations. Directions on (click on 'contact'). Morning screening is easier to observe than the afternoon operations (when the staff mostly tend to be in operating room). Clinic is about 2km North East of Phnom Penh. A tuk-tuk will cost around $3 (2013 prices) each way.

What To Bring

Small donations (eg $5-$20) are appreciated. Sweets/candies for the kids. Materials such as towels or soap. Operative instruments (though these are specialized) Food e.g biscuits, fruit for patients. Pens, t-shirts etc.

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