Availing Formal Education to the Rescued Street Children

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A set of school feels, two pairs of shoes or two school bags.

BOSCO is (www.boscoban.org) an organization working in the field of mainstreaming children to the formal education in a sustained way since 1980. Thousands of street children deprived of education were turned into the constructive ways and mainstreamed to the society in a dignified manned acquiring education up to the college level.

Children rescued from the streets are generally from the background of poor mental health, anxious, fearful, unbalanced emotions, lacks concentration, impulsive and aggressive behaviours etc. They face difficulties in maintaining friendships and dealing with people; some of them have the habit of homicide. Those children living under conditions of perpetual stress and trauma, those exposed to natural and man-made disasters, those experienced breakdown of societal and family structures were tremendously affected in their ability to live a healthy, happy and productive life.

Though the education are the need of such children in their growing age, its rather difficult to enroll them into the fomal education and such children finds difficulties in concentrating on studies, as the trauma of street life persist even if the child is rescued and send to the safer environment. Proper therapeutic counseling is required for these children to remove the deep rooted negative impact of street living. A sense of motivation to to take up formal education also to be built in the children through the counseling, soft skill trainings and other psycho social interventions as the students are not at all from the back ground litreracy and lacking awareness on the need of the education. The applications of soft skills and techniques will help in resolving conflicts and in providing insights into the problems resulting in changes in behavior and the desire to lead a better life as individuals with dignity and worth.

Though children are motivated to under go formal schooling outside of the rehabilitation centre, BOSCO feels the inability to meet their educational requirements due to our financial constraints as we are of a non profitable organization working since 1980. 

As the children are not from the background of formal education, BOSCO feel the necessity of special tuitions in rehabilitation centre to help them compete with other students. The advantage of these tuition classes are of the personal attention and assistance by tuition teachers. The lack of individual attention in the class rooms due to the high number of children is balanced by the special consideration of the tuition teachers. The tuition classes will be obliging for the children to cope with other children in the school and to improve their academic performance. As street life has deeply affected the development of rescued children’s personalities, possibilities of relapse to back to the streets , a need for in-depth psycho social interventions at regular intervals through out the academic year is the felt need from the past 30 years of experience. Along with the formal education, talent enhancement programmes, sports and arts coachings and extra curricular activities will keep up his confidence to cope with hostile situations as well as to affirm and enhance his personal dignity and worth so as to help them make appropriate decisions for his life and also to achieve academic achievements.

It costs approx. USD22.8K to run the centres for 100 rescued children. Expenses include school fees - USD562, uniforms - USD2372, bags - USD254, Shoes - USD254, text books/attestations - USD 2118, arts and sports coaching materials - USD 847, educational exposure programmes and outings - USD 677, health care - USD1016, craft/arts training - USD169, library books/news papers / magazines - USD593, staff remunerations - USD13084, administration - USD1016.

Travelers are welcomed 24*7 days. Please contact  [email protected] or over the phone 91-9448878291.

What To Bring

Note books, school bags, toys, t shirts, pants, shoes.

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Bosco home is an essential link in Bosco work. This is the home for children whose families are too broken to leave the children with them. Bosco offer a real "home" with schooling, sport, human values, sense of a family ect. Children who are coming from these dysfunctional families need a secure environment and warmth to rebuild themselves. Each child is looked at individually and is given a chance to stand on its own feet. Once a Bosco child, you are part of Bosco family!! I have seen the grown up children visiting with their own children!! Volunteers are very welcome to be with these children and it is a wonderful experience!! Yes, please support the home for street children! You will get 1000 smiles in return!