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Helping Community Development, Education, Women and Girls, Agriculture
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

Contributes to 1-2 day(s) social worker’s salary.

SEVAI (Society for Education, Village Action and Improvement) is a voluntary service organization working for the integrated development of the rural poor. The objective of SEVAI is to develop sustainable communities and has put forth its best effort towards accomplishing this aim since its inception in 1975.

The project aims at promoting the empowerment of women through the creation of self-help groups (Self Help Group or "SHG"). The gioal is to provide women living below the poverty line and marginalized (untouchables, disabled, widows and prostitutes) tools necessary for social recognition and economic independence. Based on voluntary participation and active involvement of beneficiaries, the project combines a comprehensive program of training, empowerment and the creation of economic activities (micro entrepreneurship) via public access microcredit. 

The status and role of women are largely underestimated, even despised. The program was started in 1993. It was one of the pilot projects of the state of Tamil Nadu and the federal government and thus enjoys official recognition.

SEVAI is the official partner of the government in the district of Trichy, it is responsible for creating, training and support in this area of SHG can access public microloans to low (8-15%) and various helps. A Self Help Group is a true micro-enterprise, with 15 women below the poverty line, which pool their resources to develop their own business. This is a support group with a strong social and human aspect. The activities are now very varied: agriculture, production of foodstuffs, making handicrafts.

$5 contributes to books expenditure. $5 contributes to social worker's salary. $5 pays part of social worker’s transportation.

This project can be visited the whole year around. You can be hosted in SEVAI’s infrastructures. For further information, do not hesitate to contact Shri. K. Govindaraju on 0431 – 2685227 / 0431 – 2742958 or [email protected].

What To Bring

Notebooks, pen, computers, ... your SMILE AND GOOD ENERGY.

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