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Helping Children, Education, Women and Girls
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Therapy camps for disadvantaged young people.

Making Changes today for a Positive Tomorrow

Evolve - Keeping Kids on Track is a not for profit organisation which provides outdoor adventure and narrative therapy services for young people who are disadvantaged, disengaged and at risk. Our experiential programs which include hiking, camping, canoeing and abseiling create a positive, memorable and worthwhile life experience for young people before "at risk" becomes a tragic reality. Our early intervention, voluntary participation and long term commitment are critical for creating a sustained life change for these young people. Working with Evolve, they discover their strengths, enhance their expectations of future success, gain greater hope and self-belief.

Funds are used to provide outdoors camps and experiences for disadvantaged and disengaged young people with trained youth workers and counsellors.

Travellers can visit our 2 scenic rural properties in Tamborine in Qld and in the King Valley in Victoria. Typo Station offers bush walks and on site activities for visitors.

What To Bring

Hat, boots, warm coats in winter.

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